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Kid's-Matter Inc., is a non-profit organization located in Stockton, CA serving the needs of
kids and families at risk from negative urban environments including gangs, drugs,
prostitution and violence. Our organization reaches out to the youth and families by
providing fishing as a tool to inspire our youth that there is more to life than what they
see out the window. Fishing provides an opportunity to be outdoors, interacting with
other kids and families, and most important being mentored by people that care about
their future impact as a person. Kid's Matter Inc., believes Kid's do matter.

Your company can help us by providing funds in the form of a donation of goods or services.  Our goal is to reach out to more kids and your donations can make that difference.

Our Federal Tax ID Number is: 45-5119252

Thank you for your support.



Herman Beer


Walt Akins

Vice President

Lino Cruz



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